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How do I know if my trailer spindle is bad?

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Does a Spindle with Scarring and Complete Bearing FailureOct 11, 2010 — Depending on how deep and how bad the scarring is, a new set of bearings and a new Take a look at the link to our trailer spindle main page below. If you want to only replace the hub and drum, to find the correct replacement, you I have included a video below on inspecting trailer bearings below

Trailer Wheel Bearing Maintenance - Felling TrailersJun 15, 2016 — If noise is heard, check for a bad bearing or if lubrication is needed. If your trailer axle(s) are not equipped with grease zerks, refer to the axle How to replace the wheel hub spindle on a trailer axle, wheelHow to replace the wheel hub spindle on a trailer axle, wheel bearing If you would like to post any video

How Do I Know If My Trailer Spindle Is Bad?
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52100 - 14 - - 1 - - -
UCP208 52.0000 mm - 25.000 mm 15.00 mm - - - -
UCP311 - - - 19,05 mm - 63,5 mm 7,92 mm -
22316mA 30 mm 38,89 mm 15,918 mm 127,8 mm - - - -
52100 - - 3.4375 in - - - - -
38.1mm - 55.5 55 - - - - 90
52100 - - 1.9375 in - - - - -
52100 - - 60.0000 in - - - - -

How can you tell when trailer spindle needs repairing orApr 22, 2007 — If it is scored, you can smooth with emery cloth but the bearings still I am humbled by and grateful for your service and sacrifice. The worst area is on top of spindle that is about 3/4 inch long then tapers off on the sides

Poll - fix trailer spindle or new axle - Boat Talk - ChaparralOct 29, 2010 — Anyone had trailer spindles successfully put back on or even resurfaced . I know it's alot of money but my family's safty is worth more :beer-7687-1: I would also check the other hubs and bearings, if the grease looks milky then going to say, because the axle doesnt look that bad to me..from a distanceHow to Tell if a Trailer's Bearings Are Bad - It Still RunsThe hubs on a trailer axle allow the wheels on the trailer to turn with the forward motion of the vehicle pulling the trailer. These hubs use bearings; if the bearings 

How Do I Know If My Trailer Spindle Is Bad?
6305 Bearing Aisi 52100 Bearing Asahi Bearing Lm11949 Bearing
6316 19.05mm F315 Lm11949/10
25X62X17mm 52100   Lm11949/Lm11910
(6300 52100   Lm11949/10
(6305 38.1mm UCP208 Lm11949/10
6300rz 52100 UCP311 Lm11949/10
6303 52100 22316mA L44649/10
6305-2RS 110   -
6300 52100 Z3V3 -
- 26.988mm UCP208 -
- -   -

Towing: Smoked Bearing - Open Roads ForumTopic: Smoked Bearing -- Spindle Damage - Axle Replacement?? Like enblethen said - if the spindle is weld-on a "spring shop" type business in your area could replace it. "A bad day camping is better than a good day at work!" They can tell you which sleeve is needed by the seal diameter of the new seal. The four Spindle Damage - The Hull Truth - Boating and FishingJun 3, 2009 — I have a 2002 22' Loadrite aluminum I-Beam trailer. I've been As usual I stop every 30 miles to check the hub temps and dust covers. I stopped in A bad bearing is always a possibility. axle. What are my options If one of my spindles gets damaged like that when mine are welded onto my torsion axles

Trailer Spindle has Gouges After Bearing Failure | BoatingAug 6, 2015 — Recently I had my bearings overheat and break off my trailer on the highway. From your photos it is impossible to determine if the spindle is OK. While it looks bad initially, nobody has seen the actual bearing surfaces in Do I need a new axle? HELP — BallOfSpray Water Ski ForumI could tell it was pretty hot and looked bad. Do you think I ruined the spindle? I know the hub bearings and races are trashed but was curious if you guys think I'll be replacing my entire axle too? I can get more pictures tonight

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